Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week 22

22 weeks waiting to meet my daughter.

Sometimes, I feel like I am at the point where there is really nothing else to say. Just another whispered prayer.

Please, dear God, hold her close. Keep your eye on my Sparrow. Show her my motherly love in miraculous ways. Fill her heart with the peace and love of the perfect Father. And bring us together, the way you always intended us to be.

To help pass the time, please leave a comment with one of your fave links to something funny or uplifting! I could really use it:)


sparkz said...

I wish I knew something encouraging, etc. to tell you but I don't... Sorry! I do know that a friend waited over two years- she thought it would be a year max- for her baby (from China) so I guess on the up side it can always be worse and hopefully your wait is over in 23 weeks! Of course at 22 weeks I'm sure it's feeling mostly worse. Your in our thoughts and prayers.

We also want your referral to go fast b/c were below you on the list and if you don't get yours we don't get ours (I'm joking- however not about your referral going fast- we still hope for that)! ;) Anyway leave it in Gods hands. His timing is best. I have to remember that myself.

Jennifer and Jody said...

i read to make me laugh at the expense of celebs. however, it is a bit inappropriate and very sarcastic, so know that going into it ;)

Amy-O said...

This is one of my all time favorite inspirational clips from Team Hoyt...


coffeemom said...

Not so much FUNNY, which is so personally subjective of course: but imminently distracting, which is in many ways better. I always go surfing for distraction here:

Enjoy, hang in there, I'm praying.

Nikko and Matt said...

I know a bit of what you've been going through. I got my referral in December and then had to wait until July 2 for a court date. It's been crazy hard. Here are a couple of diversionary websites: