Monday, June 9, 2008

As good of a time as any.

Ever since reading Shasta's post about The Call, I have been a bit paranoid about getting my hair cut. I had not thought about it before then, but what if I did get "The Call" when I was in the middle of my hair cut? What would I do? Finish the cut and high-tail it home? Leave in the middle of the cut and hope they could fit me in later to finish it? Hijack their computer and have the whole salon witness the Ugly Cry as I see my daughter for the first time? What to do? What to do?

My solution? Just avoid getting my hair cut during The Window. Which was working, until about week 18. That's when things got a little hairy (pun intended. Harhar.)

Like the rest of my family, I have thick hair. It gets weighed down easily. The majority of my hair cut is spent thinning it out to make it manageable. It gets more full as it grows out, but eventually, it gets to the point where it is just plain bushy and unmanageable. Which is where we are now.

So I finally caved. Especially after the announcement of the delays in the court process (and subsequent delays in referrals.) So tomorrow at noon, I am getting my wild, bushy head of hair cut. (Did you read that, Jessica, oh lovely caseworker of mine who is *hopefully* bursting at the seams to give me a referral as soon as she gets the go-ahead from the in-country reps?) Yes, tomorrow at noon would be a bad time for me to get "The Call." Well, 12:20 would be worse- I am sure that would be right about half-way.

Note- not that I would be unhappy to get The Call. I would be elated, to be sure! However, I really have gotten past the point of wanting a hair cut and to the point of needing a hair cut. So any time after 12:45 EST would be a much better time for the call, okay? But if you can only fit me in at 12:09, that will work for me!

*Note 2- Do you think that by indicating that I don't want to get the call, reverse psychology will kick in, and Jessica will call just because I said not to? Stranger things have happened.

*Note 3- Please, please, please people- issue some opinions!

*Note 4- I am very happy for all the families who will be allowed to proceed. Kind of Jealappy, actually. But mostly happy. And I am praying for good news to continue, for the other families delayed by the situation to get the go-ahead to proceed in court, and for the other waiting families to start receiving referrals soon.


Jennifer and Jody said...

you think about this waaaaay more than I do. I have all sorts of appointments scheduled throughout our window! I am trying NOT to think about it be *shocked* when it comes. Mmmmhmmmm. That will happen ;)

nebraskaridge said...

Hi Grace! You're cracking me up this morning - I'm so glad you still have a sense of humor!! I'll be praying for MOWA to move quickly so you can have your referral and we can have our court date. Have a happy haircut!

Rebecca said...

If I thought the call would come in the middle of the haircut, I would have scheduled it long ago! Then, at least the call would finally come in! :) It will happen for you, and I so hope it happens SOON!

sparkz said...

Well I HOPE you get your referral during your hair cut! Then all the wait will be over!!! I'm w/Rebecca I would schedule a hair cut if I knew I would get my referral! That's really exciting and I am sure frustrating that you have a baby in wait but can't get any info yet... however- CONGRATULATIONS!

sparkz said...

Oh and my guess is June 17th! :)

Christine said...
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