Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Score! (Back Packs!)

Look what I scored for my girls! These backpacks were on clearance ($6/each) so I picked up 2. They should be just the right (small) size for toting on outings in Ethiopia- crayons, a role of TP, a small pack of hand wipes, a small bottle of sanitizer, a small toy, a snack, and a kiddy water bottle should fit well! I plan to let Abigail fill one with special things for her sister, and then surprise Abigail with one for herself when we get on the plane:) I am sneaky like that.
I am so excited!


Holly said...

Love those Grace! Would you like to petition Disney with me asking for a BROWN skinned princess?
I have been wondering for YEARS why they haven't created one!!

Anonymous said...

Disney has black fairies. Check out www.disneyshopping.com
Her name is Iridessa.

Also they are coming out with an African-American character soon. The movie will be called the frog princess.

It's not easy to find character items that reflect our Ethiopian children. I personaly wouldn't buy the current Disney Princess items.