Monday, June 16, 2008

The Closed Window

Today my referral window closes. 5 months of waiting for my daughter... it flew by, in a painfully slow manner. I will officially be a post-window referral.

John keeps reminding me that just because the window is closed, it doesn't mean I am not eligible for a referral- it simply means that I am that much closer to my referral.

Somehow, it just doesn't feel that way. At all.

So, to cheer me, I would like everyone to leave a comment with your best cow joke. Silly, crazy, fit for the mentation of a 4 year old? Perfect! Kind of off the wall and more of a "moan" than "laugh" joke? I like them all! (Well, maybe not like, but I do have a bit of a competition going on at work...) Made up or old standards, I'll take 'em!
For a movie of Abigail performing a few jokes including a cow joke that I made up, click here.
Guess this means I'm Mooooooving past the window! (harhar.)


The Roberts Family said...

Hi Grace,
I don't have any cow jokes :) ...... but I know what that long wait is like for sure! Know that I'm praying for you today .... That God would pour out an extra measure of His grace on you and that you would just hang onto Him a little while longer while He carries you this rest of the way there. We will all be SO excited with you when your child is revealed. Be sure to send me a photo ASAP so I can check my photos for you from our April trip!! Take Care~ Shelly

The Albertsons said...

Here's one from Leah, my 4.5 yr old... (makes zero sense...):
-Why did that cow cross the road?
-because he was starving and really needed some soup.
Hang in there... it's gotta be soon!

Holly said...

Q. What do you call a cow with no legs?
A. Ground beef!

yeah, I know ha ha ha, but seriously Grace, how funny can a joke about a cow really be?
Hang in there- I can only imagine how tough the waiting and not knowing must be (we didn't wait for a referral from China rather started of with the referral and then did the homestudy, paperwork etc. and we are not even DTE yet this go-round) but seriously, once you have that little girl in your arms, it will all be a dim memory. Honestly.
Hugs from NC,
Holly from Purpose Driven Family

Aimee said...

Knock, knock

Who's there?

Interrupting cow



graceling said...

Aimee, that is one of our favorites:)

habeshachild said...

What do cows sound like when they cry?

MOO Hoo Hoo!!!


The window is closed, but the referral is right around the corner!! I can feel it.

DC said...

Why does a milking stool only have three legs?

Because the cow has the udder. :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your referral comes VERY SOON!!

Heather said...

What do cows do for entertainment??

Go to the MOOvies!

And remember to always cow-nt your blessings. ( I couldn't resist just one more! )

Hang in there Grace!

Chris & Jess said...

OK- What's a cow's favorite subject in school? *COWculus.
And-What do you get when you cross a cow and a duck? *Milk and Quackers.

Abigail is really going to love her Scaredy Squirrel package- there IS a cow book in's super cute and funny!

I'm always praying for you, Abigail, and Sparrow!!!