Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Week 20

20 weeks of waiting to meet my little girl. Who knows how much longer, due to the delays involved because of the present situation and delays.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the prayer time and fasting yesterday. The peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit are with me. Yesterday was such a blessing; one moment that sticks out was when a nurse put down everything to stop and pray with me. The love and support I feel from this adoption blogging community as well as my family, friends, and co-workers is encouraging and hope-filled. Please continue to pray- I know that our prayers are powerful and effective.

I found yesterday, as much as I prayed about the situation, that my heart was simply breaking for the children. Not just the children I know, not just the child that will be mine, but the children who are waiting for parents. The children in the orphanage, and the children who will come into the orphanage to take their place, waiting. God wants these children in families- it's been His plan all along.

God, hold these children close to your heart, until we can hold them close to ours.

T-minus 12 days until exiting The Window.


Emy said...

I am always reading and checking your blog to see if you have any news, and of course checking out the FBI. Hoping you are the phone right NOW with your referral. BTW, I think you shouldn't count the time during the investigation in the "window". If they aren't giving referrals, that shouldn't count! :)

Teresa said...

Praying that week 20 will bring peace and comfort to you knowing that He has the perfect little girl already picked out for you and His hand is upon her.

Soon you'll see her face, my friend.