Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayer and Fasting

Today is the day we have set aside for prayer and fasting over the situation in Ethiopia and with the Gladney court process families.

I will be fasting from recreational use of the Internet, and will not be checking blogs, moderating comments, or checking email (unless, of course, I get my referral call... Have to keep hoping:)

Please join in prayer and fasting as you are able. Maybe you could fast during one meal, and rather than eating, spend that time in prayer? If that is not possible, please do join with us in prayer tonight, from 7:30-8:oopm EST.

I know that prayer is powerful and effective. Thank you for your prayers.


Rebecca said...

I know you won't be checking these today, but I just wanted to thank you for organizing this prayer time! (I'm pretty sure you organized it. Anyway, I'm giving you the credit :)

graceling said...

Rebecca, I have to give credit where credit is due- it was Jess S. and Kristy S. that planned and organized the prayer and fasting- I was just a big mouth to get the word out:)