Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pincushion, Revisited

Remember when I was the human pincushion? This past week, Abigail and I both got our second Hep A shots. When I took Abigail to get her shot last night, she was very brave and didn't cry. Although, after she got her shot it did bleed quite a bit. She kept looking at the blood as the drop grew bigger and bigger.

"This is NOT what normally happens," she said, as I tried to keep from laughing. Once the bleeding stopped and a bandaid was put on, she gave me another good line,"It better not bleed again, because that is not normal!"

The cutest part was when she got to pick out a sticker afterwards. The receptionist was laying out the "girly" stickers. Abigail finally saw one she liked- a Polly Pocket who happened to be black. She stuck it proudly to her chest and proclaimed "I think this Polly Pocket looks like she is from Ethiopia. I think my sister will be beautiful like her!"


Christine said...

She's such a young lady! I'm sure you're very proud of her.

sparkz said...

I love the polly pocket comment. Thats great! Thats really cute that she said that!

haze said...

She's going to be a great sister.