Friday, June 27, 2008


Jess got me hooked on Rev Run's Words of Wisdom. I've never watched his show (hard to do with out a TV) and I don't know if I would want to watch his show. But I do enjoy his bit of good thoughts, delivered to my inbox Monday-Friday.

Today's Words of Wisdom are especially apropos:

In the Holy Bible the Apostle Paul speaks about readily adjusting your attitude towards ALL people, places and things... No matter how positive you are, everything is NOT going to go your way.. WE MUST be ready to make the most of every situation that comes our way. DO NOT let minor annoyances and problems ruin your day. The difference between happy positive people and unhappy negative people is the willingness to change and adjust our attitudes in any and every situation.... Have a positive day! :-)

I thought some of you might need that reminder at the end of a hard week.


Amber said...

I love those words of wisdom. I have watched the show but rarely. Thanks for sharing. It's applies to all but especially those adopting and the ups and downs we go through.

Emy said...

Thanks! I'm usually a very happy and positive person, but negativity can be very sneaky.

Blog Shmog said...

hey, thanks for your comment. It will be fun to follow the rest of your journey!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

I love his MTV show. It's the new Cosby Family sans Cliff's wacky sweaters. And they just adopted a baby girl after having their newborn daughter pass away shortly after Justine gave birth a little over a year ago. The show teaches life lessons that families can glean from. ***There was one episode where Justine had gotten her hopes up after her court date and the social worker (also a Christian) said this, "You're in the final part of the journey, now is the time to guard your heart."

That spoke to my heart..."Guard your heart." Because set-backs do occur in adoptions.