Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Stumbled across a blog comment that had evidently misunderstood some information that was posted on a blog. (Yes, the blog was probably mine, since me and my fingers have been very busy writing all sorts of stuff that I have since changed/taken down per Gladney request... :)

Anyway, to any who may stop by and be considering Gladney's Ethiopia program, please rest assured that their program is in no danger of closing!

They are still giving referrals, however, due to the delay in court cases, they have too many families in the court process to allow them to continue giving referrals at this time. There are 2 things that will need to happen for referrals to resume:

1- The situation causing delays in the court process needs to be resolved. A resolution is likely this week.
2- Some of the families presently in the court process (there are 34 right now!) need to pass court.

To my knowledge, there is only one person who acts as the legal representative for all Gladney court cases at this point in time. While that may change in the future, you can imagine that representing 34 families is a lot of work! They need to move some families through the court process in order to make room for more families to enter the court process.

Gladney is dependent on the humanitarian aid provided by traveling families to help support the care centers. Right now, they are in need of diapers, and there appears to be even a national shortage in Ethiopia of the brands that are available there. Gladney wants as many families as possible to be able to travel and pick up their children, not only so that these children can be in their forever family, but also because the traveling families serve a practical purpose in helping support the operations of the care center through their humanitarian aid, and help provide for the children who are still waiting in the care centers.

So rest assured, Gladney is processing families through court as quickly as they can, and will resume referrals as soon as they can.

And as a note, while I don't share everything I know in this public forum, I read every comment and try to respond via email to those requesting clarification. Please feel free to email me at yellow_grace at yahoo dot com if you have questions. I hope my blog is informative and helpful, not stress-inducing!


DC said...

Hi Grace!

Thanks for your comment and for this great post. There are so many rumors swirling around the web about what's going on in Ethiopia, so it's nice to get an "insider's perspective." I feel much better after reading your blog. :)

Meredith said...

Oh Grace, I just love you and your dirty butt dance threats.

Amber said...

Well said!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Grace, take your eyes off the window (as beautiful as yours may be) and look at the DOOR --- isn't it not the door that allows a bigger view with a grander and greater entrance? Let the DOOR be your faith, hope and trust in the LORD as it always has been. Don't lose focus in what HE has in store for you based upon a few days. HIS purpose is GREATER!

be_a_Mary said...

we are adopting through AGCI and are 'on hold' right now. there are 3 AGCI families on hold. I am curious about (but very enouraged by) the news that the investigation is likely to be resolved this week. WOW. We are not hearing that news, so maybe you have an inside scoop!? I do so hope for a quick resolution for all of us matched and waiting families who are so eager to pass court before the closure. if any gladney families on hold want to connect, they can feel free to email me: karen_yates@ca.rr.com.