Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Benefits

Since it looks more and more like I will not be traveling this summer, I am in need of some help.

I have, of course, thought of all of the negatives of traveling in October. Can you help me come up with some benefits?

Here is the list of benefits to October travel that I presently have:

1. My FMLA would encompass Thanksgiving, Abigail's birthday, my graduation, Abigail's winter break from school, Christmas, and New Years. Might even have my sister's birthday, if I play my cards right:)

2. I might get to travel with some fun people, like my friend Jen!

Um, yep, that's all I got. Help me out, people!

3. Cheaper airfare than summer travel (thanks jessica!)

4. Lots of potential to travel with cool people! (thanks rebecca

5. Better weather! (thanks ANTME's Momma!)

6. Great weather and Ethiopian Holidays! (thanks Aimee!)

7. The countryside should be fresh and green, and there should not be rolling blackouts (or power rationing.) (thanks Christine!)

8. Major help in the child-managing arena if I get to travel with Jennifer and Jody- a stand-in granny is an awesome offer! (thanks Jennifer!)

9. One less week of Presidental Campaigning! (thanks Emy!)


Jessica said...

Your plane ticket will cost less since it is the off season for travel. Saving money is always good!

BTW, I love reading your blog...

Rebecca said...

I think your October benefits list is good - especially #2. I will be anxious to know the other families we will get to travel with.

The only other benefit I could think of (and it actually is a benefit at any time) is that you get to bring your little one home!!! Hang in there. I know the wait is getting tough. Just remember you have a lot of people thinking about you and praying for you.

habeshachild said...

MUCH better weather while you are in Ethiopia if you go in the Fall!!

Aimee said...

I traveled in November. the weather was great-sunny and warm during the day, cool at night. It was around an ET holiday, St. Michael's Day, I think, so we got to experience some of that.

You will have your little girl finally, so it won't really matter what month it is.

Praying for a referral sooner rather than later.

Christine said...

The mountains and hillside should be a beautiful green from all the fresh rains. And there shouldn't be any rolling blackouts.

Jennifer and Jody said...

I mean seriously- do you NEED more than #2? I can loan you my MIL to help with Sparrow and Abigail.
The lack of rolling blackouts is a HUGE BONUS. HUGE.

Emy said...

You'll be able to miss at least a week of Presidential Campaigning!

Anonymous said...

I just had to write in to encourage you. I am a single mom who returned in October with my second daughter from Haiti. Her adoption took an extra 4 months than the average and let me tell you it was AGONIZING!!!! I knew about her and waited and prayed for her for 13 long months BUT now that she has been home since October, I can look back and see that God's timing was perfect! There are so many things that have worked out for her that wouldn't have been there if she had come home the 4 months earlier and she had an extra 4 months in her birth country and several more visits with her birth mom and an aunt. So please, be encouraged and know that as hard as it is now (and I do know it is hard), God knows the perfect time and the perfect girl for you and your family!