Monday, September 29, 2008

Preview: Q&A

Here are some questions I will be answering soon:

Relating to travel...
  • Did you buy Anna a seat on the plane or was she on your lap?
  • How did you arrange to get the bassinet on the flight?
  • What travel agent did you use?

Relating to the care centers and orphanages...

  • What was the orphanage like?
  • Did they have enough toys?
  • Were the kids able to play a lot of the time or were they in their cribs a lot?
  • Were there any obvious needs?

Relating to planning and budgeting....

  • How much money did you spend while there?

Relating to the in-country staff...

  • What can they use or what do they want from the US?
  • What about the caregivers/gifts?

Do you have any questions? If so, please leave a comment or email me and I will try to respond to all of them in a future post!


Dawn said...

I am not caught up with your blog again...I cannot wait to see pictures!!

Juli said...

God Bless You - thanks for sharing ... although I don't know you I appreciate your gently truthful spirit. May you enjoy each new day that Anna brings into Your and Abigail's life. I love your thoughts of being a "do-er" not just an "imagine-er" I need to work on that myself!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you have any information on the financial situation of the Gladney Care Center(s) in relation to the other ethiopian orphanages. For instance, are the care centers well equipted, or would they still benefit greatly from donations/humanitarian need?

Were the humanitarian goods you brought for the Gladney care center(s) or for the other country-run orphanages?

Does Gladney run the older kids' homes as well?

(Ha ha...reading this, it sounds like I need to have a chat with some Gladney employees for all my questions. Just curious what your view on these things are)


Dustin, Nikki, Madison and Sage said...

You, my dear, are amazing! Your wealth of knowledge and your ability to organize all of the information is invaluable. We hope to travel sometime next year, and I already feel so much better prepared. Not to mention, we love following your journey to and from Ethiopia! Can't wait to read more!

Blessings to you and your sweet girls!

Ellen said...

I had a ? last night and the sandman robbed me of it while sleeping - ah well. You chronicling - I know the spelling wrong - of your trip has been hugely helpful to me. I am so glad things are going well!


Natalie Fournet said...

Your journey notes are such a treasure and so very helpful! Thanks for allowing us to follow along...can't wait to see pictures:)

Questions....I'd love to know how the trip was for Abigail (her health, enjoyment, energy, comfort level, etc...) And in regards to the new rules, how often did you get out with Anna? How was leaving her behind?

You might have answered this...but thinking our babies our about the same size, what type of carrier/sling would you recommend?

Holly said...

Welcome home Grace, Abigail and Anna. Don't you just LOVE America?
International adoption changes everything.
Glad to hear you all are back safely.

Emy said...

Here's my question...

When can we see a picture?!?!?

So it's not a travel related question, but just can't wait to see a picture of the sisters!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Hey Grace!!!!

So glad you all are home safe and sound and I pray all is well with Faith (she has touched my heart).

1st Question: Did you have pre-planned questions for Anna's birthmom or did you just go with the flow?

2nd Question: What were your feelings as Anna's birthmom held her during your visit to the older house?

3rd Question: How much eating did you do???? (I know this sounds like a dumb question but it just popped up in my head).

4th Question: Was there a coffee ceremony or greeting-day ceremony?

5th Question: Did anyone tape or photograph the first time you laid eyes/arms on Anna?

Glad to have you back home!!!!!

Los Cazadores said...

Forgive me if this was answered already in other posts, but did you get to keep her with you the entire time since you were staying at a guest house or did you leave her at the orphanage when traveling about Ethiopia?

If you kept her at the guest house, was she allowed to stay over night with you?

thank you!