Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adventure: Ethiopia- Day Six

Anna continues to wake me during the night. Maybe I can get someone else to take the night shift tonight? She just wakes up and isn’t satisfied no matter what you do. She doesn’t want her bottle, but she doesn’t not want her bottle…

We tried to go to the Alert Hospital to buy some things today. The drive was pretty long- Meredith and Ryan were about a half hour ahead of us since they got an earlier start, and they called to say that the shop was closed when they got there. Bummer! Anbes took us to another souvenir shop, and we picked up a few things, but I am saving the real shopping for Monday when I will go to the shop at the Gladney Office that is run by older girls who have aged out of the orphanage. I will also go to the Haile Sassile shopping center then.

We also stopped at “Misrak Bakery” (no one was there) and another coffee shop where we picked up some coffee from Anna’s native region. Anbes was explaining that Yurgalem (sp?) where Anna is from is known for the Sidamo coffee! Yum!

On the way home we picked up macchiato and pastry from Kaldi’s. So tasty! Then we all took a nap. That was fantastic!

At 3pm, Mer, Ryan, Simon, Mom, Abigail, Anna and I loaded into the Gladney van with Ryan B., Abby, Marta, Enoch, Ezra and Solomon (the driver) to go to dinner at Dreamland. The drive was long, but dinner was great and the view was beautiful. The kids had fun, and right as we were leaving, all the babies started crying! Ahhh! I don’t think I have ever been in a car with that many crying babies! Preparation for the flight home, I guess (haha.) It was nice to visit with Ryan and Abby and learn more about the process here.

To those who are still waiting, let me say this: I know it is difficult and frustrating during the wait. You have so many questions and so much seems obscure. There are no straight answers, and no one can tell you anything. I know that feeling.

As frustrating as it is, know this: it does get better. Your questions will be answered, and a lot of things that just don’t make sense based on what you are hearing in the US will be explained when you get here. It’s hard for me to tell you to just hang in there- to just trust that it will all eventually make sense, but that is the truth. It will. I promise. And in the end, no matter how hard the process is- no matter how frustrating- you will look back and nod and smile and say “yep, I would do it all again. And I would do it with Gladney at my side.” At least, that's how I feel.


Ellen said...


I am savoring every morsel you tell us about your trip. Thank you for taking the time to chronicle it all! It is so good to have you home (even though I only know you through online). Your sister is awesome!

Have a wonderful day!


MKH said...

Really great updates and stories. thanks so much for sharing all of this! megan

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Thanks Grace. This brings calm to my jittery "reserved" nerves.

Ahhh, such a wonderful read...thoughts of the book yet?

Tami said...

Welcome home! I need to hear your kind words especially now that I am so frustrated!

Jana said...

Oh, welcome back, Grace! I'm loving reading your trip journal!

coffeemom said...

LOving these posts, makes me feel like I am there again (and anxious to BE there again, ahem). You must have been busy typing during your down times in Addis, great stuff!! Thanks for all this, and give your sis a hug as we know are crazy about her toO! Can't wait for the pics (no pressure, for real).
love, M

Jennifer and Jody said...

i am so glad you are back! it was great to spend time with you in person. i totally second what you say. people get frustrated during the wait, and nothing you can say makes it better, but once you get there you will understand the waiting and the delays and it then that will be a memory and it will all be worth it and the habesha people will be in your heart.

The Albertsons said...

Welcome home!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to both you and Faith for the updates. I have been folowing yor story for about a year now, and its an amazing feeling to see you where you are now. Love the posts with all the detail, feeling and description.

Hope you are all settling in well.

Looking forward to more posts.

Take care, Roze.

VALARIE said...

I am so glad that you have completed this big part of the journey. I can only imagine how fulfilling it is as you now settle in to being family. Thanks for the words of encouragement through the wait. While I was reading your words I was listening to Yolanda Adams' song, "Never Give Up!" Your words sounded even better with a soundtrack playing. I can't wait to read up and follow along as you start your new journey. God bless!

Blog Shmog said...

Welcome home! It's so fun to read all about your trip. Can't wait to see more pictures!