Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today my church joined with two others to have a FREE! carnival/petting zoo/live band/hot dog and snow cone outreach event.
I was co-running the "Catch-a-bite" booth. We had an apple dangling on a fishing pole and without using your hands you had to take a bite out of it. Deceptively difficult! We only had (I think) five people actually get a bite. It was really fun. My jaw hurts! I was really trying to help everyone by cheering them on with my mouth wide open. I kept catching myself doing it but I couldn't stop! :) (I'd link to someone who wrote a very funny post about mouths hanging open while feeding their baby but I can't remember who wrote it where. If that was you can you link in the comments??)

My mom called (from Ethiopia) and between the cheering and the live music I didn't hear my phone ring.

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