Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In-Country Staff Gifts- Packed

There has been some debate over appropriate gifts for the Gladney in-country staff (not the caregivers, but the Americans who are in Ethiopia, and the program manager, Belay.) I feel that it is inappropriate to give expensive gifts to these people, just as it is inappropriate to give expensive gifts to birth family members. It can be misconstrued, and I would never want to give the impression that I am "buying" any sort of favoritism from the in-country staff.

At the same time, I want to show my appreciation for all that they have done for my family, and for all the children and families that they serve. So Abigail and I worked on a project together.

First, Abigail colored thank you notes for each in-country family (as well as a thank you note for our driver and our hosts at the Ayat house.)

I added a little rhyme.

Both of those items will go into a bag with this little bag of Hershey "hugs" and "kisses" in some of my favorite flavors (mmmm- chocolate truffle!) I like that this little token gift is something that is unique to our hometown.

I will also include some refried beans. Don't ask.


Anonymous said...

Grace---thanks for the re-fried---they will LOVE You---seriously--I am so grateful to know some are on their way----have a great trip! Love the thank you gifts/cards!


Jana said...

I don't have to ask: I'm Texan. :)

Seriously, how exciting!!!! Sweet Anna!

Meredith is on care-package/picture duty, but hey, feel free to take some pics of my little one, should you come upon her. It looks like maybe she's in the same room as Anna?

Safe travels!!!

Sara said...

Best wishes to you and your girls. I will look forward to the pictures of the three of you together.