Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Caregiver Gifts- Packed

Let me preface by saying that caregiver gifts are optional. They are not required in any way. If it is not in your budget, that is perfectly understandable and acceptable. No one will judge you. There is no "right" or "wrong" in this matter.

There are 2 options of gifts for caregivers. The first is to give cash to Belay and it will be distributed equally amongst the caregivers. There are recommendations in the travel packet about the amount to consider. This is a great option if you are running short on space when you pack.

The second option is to take small gifts to the caregivers. There are lots of options, and I think that the more unique, the better! Some ideas would be something specific to your home town or state, clothing, toiletries, shoes/sandals, or even jewelry.

In the toddler house where Anna is, there are about 20 caregivers that take care of the children. Therefore, I took 20 gifts (they say 30 nannies for the infant rooms.) I found really cute body wash and matching lotion for $1/bottle in the T*rget $1 spot. I chose 3 different scents, and made little gift bags with a lotion and body wash in each.

It is not unusual for the children to have "special nannies" or caregivers that really dote on them. Often, these caregivers will appear in pictures with your child. Families often take small gifts (such as a framed picture of their child) for these special caregivers. For Anna, I have not determined any special nannies. However, if I do, I will probably give them a small gift that I will pick up in Ethiopia.

The total of the lotion/body wash gift bags occupied about 3/4ths of the bottom layer in one of my purple bins, so it really did not take up that much room.

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Julee said...

I want to email you. I have enjoyed following your blog....welcome home! My husband and I are leaving Tuesday for a "visit" trip to Ethiopia. Mostly we'll be in Addis but will take a few days in Lalibela. Mostly we'll be hangin out at orpanages and getting to know our new children. I have a question for you I want to ask ...? about Gladney? Quick guestion I promise! Can you send me your email?
mommy to many
including 8 from Ethiopia so far