Monday, August 4, 2008

Update on Sparrow! (Finally!)

Yea! It felt like I was waiting forever to get an update... and here I get one on the eve of my court date:) Joanna writes...

Sparrow is doing great but will not say a word; yet! She is not afraid to cry and scream but is overall very passive and quiet! I would throw the ball to her and she would wait for the other kids to pick it up and throw it back! Sparrow seems very intimidated around other children but enjoyed us playing around her, none the less! She is strong and agile and showed me some cute dancing moves! Sparrow is extremely ticklish and can not resist giggling! Sparrow could quiet an angry beast with her stares up at me or her big, sweet, open mouth smiles! She has filled up her developmental chart with the exception of: use immature jargoning, say mama or dada or any of the like.

Weight- 17.86 pounds

Unfortunately, Sparrow is a bit sick right now and is on antibiotics. She has some blood work that came back inconclusive, so repeat blood was sent (poor baby!) and we are waiting on those results. She also has ringworm- oh no! But in her picture she looks healthy and is finally getting some hair (yea!) She is so sweet and just looks like she needs me to scoop her up and love on her. As a friend said "she looks like she could be held forever." I plan on it!

The way I see it is this: Sparrow isn't talking yet but Abigail will get her talking in no time (still hoping that her first word will be Momma!) She and Abigail will be dancing up a storm before I know it, and my back won't be breaking while I tote her all over Addis. SCORE!

But I don't know about that passive and quite business... not a typical quality at our house:)


Chris and Jess said...

I love a ticklish baby! Soon she will be running after Abigail and chattin' up a storm! She's beautiful!
I'll keep Sparrow in my prayers, hope she feels better soon.
Praying for tomorrow too!!!!

coffeemom said...

Praying for court tomorrow, will keep at it and in our rosary tonight.

As for the speaking: Gabe still isn't talking WORDS but his communication is quite clear! And he had ringworm too, NO big deal!

m&r said...

Something tells me you and Abigail are going to have Sparrow chatting up a storm in no time! I'm sure you guys will be the best medicine for her.

We are keeping you in our thoughts tonight.

Dawn said...

How wonderful to receive an update. I hope the antibotics work quickly. I hope you receive good news tomorrow!!

haze said...

Get well soon, Sparrow!!

And I hope court goes well tomorrow.