Friday, August 1, 2008

Reason #19- When I am old...

My grandma. She likes things just so. And with her age, wisdom, and children to fawn over her, she often gets things just so.

(Gonzer (my gramma) and my Aunt Sylvia)

My mom and my aunt take care of my grandma. I mean, she does her thing, but they make sure she does things. They take care of her. And when the time comes that she needs more care than a few meals cooked or motivation to go out and do something, they will do that, too. Because that is how they were raised.

And that is how I was raised. And that is how Abigail is being raised. We take care of each other. That is what families do. It's so much easier to do it with someone, and there is no one better to do that with than your sibling. Because they are the only person in the world who will love your parent as much as you do.

And when I am old, Abigail and Sparrow will take care of me. And they will be glad they have each other to share the burden.


Craig and Cindy said...

Super cute pic! Grandmas are a wonderful thing of this life.


coffeemom said...

Perfect. It's the best lesson of family, always and ever. Great post!

Leslie said...

Another great reason. :)