Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Update!

Misrak is so close! She leans in my ear and makes little ticking sounds! I like to think she is saying she loves me! Misrak could not be any sweeter to me or the other children; you just want to be her friend! She loves to snuggle and hates when I leave; I hate it, too! I can not express with words her presence. I can feel her staring at me across the room; she is very powerful! Misrak likes to have fun as much as any kid but usually has to be engaged. Her confidence is growing everyday and the love of a family will surely expose a different child!”

No pictures right now because I am at work:) BUT someone has been very busy gaining almost a whole pound in just a few weeks!

No, it wasn't me- I gained 10 pounds, not one:)


msl said...

Anna sounds like the most amazing child Grace! All soul. And I'm right there with you on the 10 lbs. - although I've got you beat by another 5!! Yikes!

Heather said...

What a sweet update! And a whole pound?! That is great... more of her to love!

Rebecca said...

She is just waiting for you to come love on her! (I laughed out loud at the 10 pounds...I think I have put on 15 during our adoption process - yikes!)

The Roberts Family said...

Not too much longer!!! Rejoicing with you!! :) Blessings~ Shelly

Jennifer Morgan said...

I can't wait for you to hold your little girl. So soon.

Jennifer and Jody said...

yep- i am right there with ya sista on the increase in weight (just ask my ever so kind Dr. who asked if I had a bad month or two)...i am so proud of anna and as i have said before, so amazed by God's grace in bringing her to you.
fist bump!