Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sparrow (Mini)

Do you know someone who is a total cheerleader? You know, in a good way. Someone who encourages you and cheers you on? I do. Paisley has been a constant encourager during this journey, and now that the waiting is nearly complete (I leave a month from today!) she has gone and blessed me again!

I am honored that she was inspired to create this little baby Sparrow shirt by my own little Sparrow! And I can't wait to wear my Sparrow shirt while Anna wears hers! Thank you soooo much, Paisley! I love it. (She also sent a little gift for Abigail- the Barbie cats that Abigail mentioned wanting here. Abigail, of course, loves them:)

Like what you see? You can check out her gear on her KukuluPeekaboo blog and her etsy shop (kukulupeekaboo) starting Friday!

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Blog Shmog said...

what a sweet friend!