Sunday, August 3, 2008

It Has Begun

The prepping, that is. Actually, I packed most of the humanitarian aid, got the caregiver gifts together, and practiced using my Ultimate Baby Wrap and Hip Hammock. (The HH is much easier to use, but now that I've practiced with the UBW, I think it will be much more comfortable to wear, especially for longer trips.)

Of course, Abigail had to try the carriers, too:)

And then, there is the laundry... Oh! The Laundry!

We have been blessed by several hand-me-downs and also several gifts. I picked up some onesies, and now Sparrow is all set in terms of a wardrobe for this fall/winter. So, tonight we started washing everything so that it could be folded, sorted, and put away.

Three loads of laundry down, my mom says 3-5 more to go (including washing blankets, the UBW, bibs, socks, etc.) Thankfully, I actually like doing laundry, and so does my mom, so we are getting this done quickly! And it's a really good time killer to keep me occupied as I count down to court. I mean, not that I am actually counting, or anything...
Okay, I am ready to hear all about the Blog Union!

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