Friday, August 15, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Chris writes:

Anyway, each time we arrived, your girl was sleeping but the caregivers so wanted you to get pictures that they woke her up –hence, she’s not smiling and dancing around. The first time, when Shasta gave her the pink dress, etc. as soon as I’d turned around, the caregivers had re-dressed your girl in it. I don’t think she’d have gotten this much attention if they didn’t like her in a special way. I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.

I love her little grumpy, why are you waking me up face!
Reminds me of Abigail, actually:)
Big thanks and lots of hugs to Chris and Shasta who carried a little outfit to Anna, and snapped some pics, too! Can't wait to share more with you.


Dawn said...

New pictures are always wonderful!!

She Who Waits... said...

Just LOOK at that face!

ashley said...

Oh my goodness, i loved on your little girl just last week!!! She walked on over to me and sat on my lap! She had this exsact face too! I loved on her and the had a beautiful pink head band on! When I put her down she cried and it broke my heart. She is a doll and is ready for her mommy. How crazy, i had no idea she was yours! Ashley edenhorsefarms

LISA said...

Ahhh,i love the grumpy face!Can't wait for you to be with her!

Mamá to the best 2 said...

too, too, wayyy too cute!!