Saturday, August 23, 2008

Progress & Preprations

I am making progress in the preparations for impending toddlerhood in my household. The gate is installed at the stairs (arg! I forgot how inconvenient those things are!) I figured out how to rearrange my kitchen to accommodate bottles and sippy cups. I picked up a pack-n-play off Craigslist to put in my room for those transition weeks/months before she is ready for the bunk beds. Clothes, diapers, and wipes are ready. And let me tell you, the girl has shoes!

Guest room "before"

More packing stuff.

I officially started to pack on Thursday. The humanitarian aid, caregiver gifts, and small tokens for the in-country staff are ready. The mess that was in the guest room is starting to take shape, and I am using lots and lots of Ziplocks! A run to W*lmart yesterday to stock up on infant, children, and adult medications has been fruitful (but expensive:)

Anna's clothes- the easiest part of packing! And the most fun:)

Making some packing progress.

I am developing a list of things I still need to buy, including a booster seat for at the table, a diaper bag, and a second car seat (for in Doctor John's car.) Craigslist has provided the hook up thus far, so I keep cruising the kiddy listings.

This weekend will be the last big push in preparation as school starts for Abigail and I on Monday. She will be starting first grade, and she already has homework! For my part, I have to fill out an application to take her out of school and go to Ethiopia. An application. That could be approved or denied (not that I think it would be denied.) But seriously, I had never even heard of such a thing! (John explained that it is Pennsylvania truancy law to file this "application", and the law was originally designed to keep kids in school and out of the fields. I guess that makes sense under those circumstances, but still, I am a bit put off that I have to file an application with the state to take my daughter to pick up her new sister from Ethiopia, just because this trip is occurring during the school year.)


JourneytoFamily said...

Wow... good for you! I really hope your luggage arrives with you!!! I remember spending so much time organizing and packing... only to have none of our luggage arrive. We didn't end up getting our luggage until the day before we left Ethiopia. I sincerely hope that doesn't happen to you!

Emy said...

Loved all the little piles of Anna clothes!

Don't worry about the application. Ben's school had us do the same thing for a trip. The school gets money each day for the students that are there. They will probably call this a learning experience so that they can still consider her "present" and get the money that they would normally get if she was there. You might need to write something about possible learning experiences on the application. Ours was just a camping trip, so we talked about nature. Just think of the long list you would be able to provide. :)

Rebecca said...

Look at you! You are such an organizer. I have a feeling I won't begin packing until the day before we leave :)

Jennifer Morgan said...

Stupid question... why will we need to put everything into ziplock bags?

You are amazingly organized.

Sam said...

very exciting!!!! cute stuff you have...