Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Updated Adoption To-Do List

Here's an updated to-do list for the adoption.

*Prepare girl's room (assemble bookshelves, toy box, buy second mattress for bunk beds, hang new curtains, hang new artwork, re-organize closet)
*Buy baby stuff- carseat, highchair/booster, clothes, shoes, diapers?, sippy cups
*Present lesson to Abigail's class about Ethiopia and kick of donations drive
*Talk to pastor more about how the church can help
*Buy granola bars for the begging children
*Prepare information for day care center employees about adoption/attachment/possible delays or medical conditions
*Work ahead in school and try to complete classes as early as possible in case of early referral/early travel
*"Dry run" packing my stuff and Abigail's stuff in the compression bags I bought
*Revisit and trim the packing list
*Finish as many household projects as possible and clean house
*Consider and/or organize large garage sale (whole church, whole neighborhood, whole daycare?) to raise money for travel expenses


habesha child said...

wow - you are super organized!!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

OK, I need someone to help us organize. I know I said you inspired me before, but we still have done nothing to prepare, and can't seem to be able to get the ball rolling. Keep writing these motivating posts and they just may get me moving.

Take care,