Sunday, February 17, 2008

You are my sunshine...

Abigail got a pillow in the mail from her Gaga and Pepaw that says "you are my sunshine." It also plays the tune- a song that Abigail frequently heard as a toddler as it was my second-favorite lullaby (can you guess my favorite lullaby?)

Anywho, by popular demand, here is Abigail practicing to sing a lullaby to her sister:)

Warning! This video rated "H" for Ham!


Jennifer and Jody said...

What a diva!
What the heck is RedBox?

Chris & Jess said...

Abigail makes me HAP-PEE when Maine skies are gray...
Too cute! You have to tell her that I just KNOW she's going to be a great big sister!
And the apron....I love it!
Do they make those in mommy sizes?

graceling said...

Interestingly, the apron was sent to her from my ex-boyfriend's mother (we broke up 08/06...) This week has been the week of receiving strange gifts, but that is another story.
Abigail was the model for an apron that Mrs. L was making for her grandaughter with a matching one for Mrs. L's daughter in law.... So yes, mommy size one's are available, but I am not about to go ask for one:)