Saturday, February 9, 2008


Rubbermaids? Yes, Rubbermaid containers.

Check out The Tale of Two Rubbermaids, which is where I got this idea.

Mary (of Owlhaven fame) used Rubbermaid containers to transport her donations. Rather than buying more luggage (duffle bags of this size start around $25), she packed up these containers, secured them with zip-ties, and used them as part of her checked luggage allowance. (Note- she strongly recommends the "roughneck" containers as other brands have not held up so well...)

(Bought my zip-ties at Home Depot today:)

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Jennifer and Jody said...

I love that you are doing all of this pre packing and list making and that it isn't me! I thought I was for sure the most organized list maker- but you are taking the cake.
Look who the overachiever is....