Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thanks Soucys!

The Soucys just sent Abigail this book. Thank you! Abigail is loving reading through the stories of different African princesses throughout history, and I look forward to sharing their stories with the new little one. The book is not for young children (Booklist says grades 4-8 to read the book, but Abigail is okay with having it read to her... just one story at a time as they are fairly long and filled with actual history and facts.) However, the stories can easily be abreviated by a grown up and the pictures can be shared with younger children.
Abigail's favorite part? Watching me try to pronounce the different African names and words! It is a challenge!
Thanks again, Soucys!

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Laura said...

very cool! I may have to check into that book for Addison. She's in 2nd grade but reads really well. I'm sure I won't be able to pronounce any of the names either.