Friday, February 8, 2008

More Check Marks

Here are things I've done this week to prepare for the adoption:

~Ordered bunk beds (estimated delivery time: 3/21/08)
~Bought comforter sets for girls' room (they were on sale)
~Bought neck travel pillow thingy for Abigail and Little One
~Bought Rubbermaid containers for packing donations (on sale at Target thru tomorrow for $4.99! What a steal!)
~Bought bookshelves and toy box for girls' room (should be available for pick up by 3/1/08)
~Put packing list online, and went over it about 6 times (lots of thoughts traveling though my head about what will end up going with me and what won't)
~Bought hair care products for Little One (and some cute toddler-sized headbands, too!)
~Reviewed completed FMLA paperwork that was returned from Gladney (to be handed in next week)
~Considered buying the travel size Charmin rolls- but couldn't bring myself to spend $0.99 on 55 sheets of toilet paper when Abigail could easily use 20 sheets on a good potty stop. Decided to just take whole rolls with the cardboard interior removed, stuffed into a ziplock to keep it safe.
~Did a "dry run" of toiletry packing (some people think I am taking too many tolietries:)

Still so much to do... and since my stuff arrived, I have to cook Ethiopian food sometime this weekend, too!

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Laura said...

the rubbermaids....can we take them on the plane with us or how does that work?