Monday, February 25, 2008

APB!/Forensic Blogging Adventure #1

Okay Ladies and Gents, I am doing a little experiment in forensic blogging, and I need your assistance! This is a call to the public in response to the APB I am putting out on my referral.

Now, before I start, let me just say that I am not over-eager for my referral (it will happen in God's time, and the good Lord knows I have a lot to do between now and then.) I am, however, very curious, and hoping to successfully plan my summer/fall class schedule and vacations. So, don't take this as a "I want my referral!" post, but rather a "Hmm, can I accurately plan on taking a trip to the Blog Union or taking 4 classes this summer?" type post.

Okay, disclaimer aside...

My goal is to figure out a few things:

a) How long is the recent wait for Gladney families requesting a toddler girl, with or without correctable medical condition?
b) How long is the recent wait for a court date for Gladney families?
c) How long is the wait between passing court and embassy date for Gladney families?
d) How many people are on the Gladney wait list ahead of me?
e) For those ahead of me on the wait list, how many are requesting a toddler girl?

First step- visiting the most up-to-date, organized, and informative Gladney blogger I know: Amy "Momma to many, and now home with Nathan" Breedlove. She lists blogging Gladney families in the left sidebar (scroll down, it's there- or stop and check out her blog first:)

First question, readers, is this: who else do you know that is a Gladney family, besides those on her blog, and where are they in the process (most interested in waiting, referral, court date, and traveling families). The key to successful forensic blogging is the amount and quality of your information!

So help me out fellow bloggers and blog-readers! I know you know much of what I don't know, you know?


Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Add us to your forensic blogging database.....
We didn't make it on the famous Breedlove list. :-)
We have been waiting 5 whole days for a referral of a sibling group of three ages 0-8.
I am VERY interested to see what other Gladney families are out there as crazy as we are! :-)
I am thinking by the looks of other familes waiting on a referral of siblings that we will be waiting until 2010! :-)

Chris & Jess said...

I spent one entire snow day doing some major forensic blogging. I know that sounds crazy! It is! Based on several sources, I found 4 families ahead of me waiting for a boy (or are open to gender), under 18 months.
I'm also not on Amy's blog, but we've been waiting since 1-4. But, who's counting....

Anonymous said...

We are waiting on INS approval before going on the wait list for a boy 12-18m. So now I know based on Chris and Jess we are at least 5th on the list. I understand your eagerness. We all are eager to 'predict', even though (based on my first adoption), I KNOW you can't predict.

(We are NOT on the famous list either)


Susan and Chad said...

We went on the wait list 1/28, and are requesting a girl less than 12 mos. We have enjoyed reading everyone's blogs, especially those with a wait list date close to ours - we figure its best to compare apples to apples! We'll keep checking to see where your forensic blogging leads!

habeshachild said...

I'm trying to decide for sure on Blog Union, too! I'll be home for a few months by then, so it should be OK - but so hard to know for sure until I meet my daughter and see how she does when she gets home.

If you are going to the blog union, that would be great, and would be even more motivation for me to go!