Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Kind of To Do List

I was going to revise and publish my updated adoption to-do list, but then I remembered that I only have 1 week of the semester left to finish my classes, and in that time I need to write/do/complete:

~ 2 cumulative exams
~ 1-15 page paper
~ 1- 5 page paper
~ 4 statistics homework assignments
~ 3 class reviews
~ 1 nutrition homework assignment
~ 1 case management homework assignment

So blogging is pretty much on hold for now. But never fear, this always happens during the last week or 2 of the semester, and I always return during semester break with all sorts of stuff to say! Until then, any prayers you want to say to help me get it all done and done well would be appreciated.

Being this frenzied in school certainly makes the adoption waiting process go much more quickly:)

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