Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bunk Beds

Okay, this is not strictly adoption related, but I thought this was funny. As you will see, we got the bunk beds delivered, but they delivered a light wood ladder even though the rest of the set is dark wood(they are correcting it!. So, ignore that. Also, ignore Abigail's box spring that is haing out on the bottom bunk. Still need to get a mattress for that bunk, and I have no idea what I am supposed to do with a twin size box spring! Anyway, check out Abigail's first attempts... (these videos are a few minutes long, but there is some really funny stuff:)

Next, we have a whining intervention. Yes. Intervention (that's for you Jess and Jen!) Someone was having a bad attitude as she is prone to getting when she thinks she can't do something, so Doctor John had to show her what's what.

Finally, Abigail had success... and a major wedgie!


Chris & Jess said...

YEA! Abigail did it! What a BIG girl! She's going to be able to show her little sister how to do a ton of cool things!
I think the Intervention really helped. I think Dr. John has a fabulous "bedside" manner. Cheezy pun aside, what a great guy!
Great guy, great mom, great kid.....I see a pattern here! :)

haze said...

Well, why didn't I know about this blog before? Or did I? I'm confused.

Oh well, I'm here now and I have some catching up to do :-)

Nnenne said...

Yay she did it! Mom, you better be happy she does it gingerly now, because soon you will be hearing a loud bang coming from that room every morning that will be her jumping from her bed to get down. That's what I did often did from the top bunk. It was faster. :)

Yay Abigail! Yay Princess Diaries!

Jennifer and Jody said...

Way to go Abigail- that is major big sister stuff.
I love seeing Dr. John on sweet he is. Hmmmm....

I was always scared of bunk beds. This should not surprise you huh ;)

Holly said...

Hooray Abigail!
I think you deserve some NIFTY decorations on the ceiling above your bed!!
PS- Who is Dr. John and does he make house calls? I have need for whine intervention OFTEN!

VALARIE - Single, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

You are way ahead of me. I need to catch up. Amazing that 11 weeks have past.

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Go Abigial! What a great Big Sis you are going to be! My 6yo Samuel told me (of course after watching John & Kate Plus 8) that our family needs 8 kids! I told him that then we would be like their family (it was a whiny kids chaotic episode) and he was fine with that...yeah RIGHT! He isn't going to give up his throne as baby of the family THAT easily! :-)