Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Week 15

I saw this and thought it was so appropriate for this week. (Well, except for the holes in the sign that look like bullet holes. What are those things?)
I feel like I am kind of at a point where things are slowing down in anticipation of turning the corner in my referral wait. I can't predict what that means, only say that I feel like I am emotionally slowing down. I am more calm and even-keeled right now than I have been at any other point in the adoption process. I am still excited and hopeful, but in a quiet anticipation, not a loud exuberance.
But, that could also be the massive school stress and lack of caffeine talking.
The school to-do list remains long, so I will cut this post short and take advantage of my quiet house to write yet another paper. Regular posting will resume some time after May 2.


Anonymous said...'s not school. I think there was a 'high'point at the beginning of spring that brought hope. Spring ALWAYS brings hope. Now that the rush has worn off, there does seem like there is a lull. I feel it too and I"m only on my 6th or 7th week of waiting. It's not a 'depression' but really a "Okay, let's settle in and wait. Can't run on adrenaline forever" kind of thing.

Hope your paper turns out well.


Jennifer and Jody said...

I am fairly certain those are bullet holes.... :)

Jana said...

definitly bullet holes. (I live in Texas--I know these things.)

Blessings to you on the wait!!

graceling said...

Okay, so why do people shoot a sign? I don't get it.

Chris & Jess said...

Woot! Week 15! Prepare to do the u-g-l-y cry!

You will do the ugly cry!
Woot! Woot!
Come on....referral!

My version of a Bring-It-On cheer! (must be sung in a cheerleader voice)