Sunday, April 20, 2008

We have shelves:)

Last night I got Doctor John to help me put together the bookshelves for the girls' room while Abigail watched a movie in the guest room. It was late when we finished, and I decided to let Abigail "discover" the shelves when she got ready for bed.

So, much past her bedtime, I sent her into her room to put on her PJs. She came back out, saying that she wanted to pick different jammies than what she wore the night before, and could she put those into the laundry? Okay, sure. She heads back in and comes out with one of her new nightgowns that I picked up at the thrift shop, and wondering if she could wear that. Okay, sure. The third time she comes out already in her nightgown and says

"Wow, Momma, how did those get in there?!?"

She was so tired it took her 3 trips into her room to discover her shelves!

I am trying to be careful to make special places for each of the girls in their room. The room they are sharing is not large, so this has required thought. They are sharing a double dresser, and Abigail has the "left" half and bottom 2 middle drawers. Her sister gets the "right half" and top middle drawer. They each have their own bookshelf with 3 bins each to put "their" stuff. Each has a shoe basket in their closet, and their own bin for hair things. At the same time, I am making them share. They have to share the dress-up clothes bin and babydoll bin, as well as the toybox and toy shelves in their closet. And all of their books will be shelved together on the big bookshelf in the hall. It's been difficult trying to decide how much "yours," "mine," and "ours" to allow, since they will have to share many things.

Any thoughts?

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elj377 said...

As a mom of 2 I find that if each kid has their own space it helps and the ours stuff just kinda naturally happens..when my 7 year old has a problem with it I remind her that we share the dishes, the bathroom, soap, and then it dawns on her that mommy and daddy share a lot of things with me so I can share with my brother. Your planning seems wise and well thought it's just a matter of semantics and the practical side of it all...when their 10 you might then worry more but at this age the baby won't care and if Abigail has some areas that are hers alone she should be fine!