Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shopping and Excel

Yesterday I bought my first stuff for my anticipated travel. Several things guided my decisions:

1) Ethiopians are very modest. Skirts should be to the knees. Shorts are not really appropriate most places. With my (very long) legs, it's difficult to know what would be okay.

2) I want to pack as lightly as possible to make more room for donations and such.

3) Packing lightly means doing laundry in-country. So I want items that are light enough to dry overnight.

4) Cost is an issue- I don't have a lot of money to spend on travel clothes.

So, yesterday in W*lmart, I found something that was absolutely perfect!

1) Mid-calf length flare Capri that are not too tight but are still somewhat form-fitting.

2) They are very light and take up hardly any space.

3) As a cotton/poly blend (with 3% spandex) they should wash and line-dry fairly quickly.

4) They were on clearance for $5!!!!! I actually bought 2 pairs- one in navy and one in khaki green. They are definitely something I will wear over the summer/fall here. And since they are fairly "neutral" colors, they should match several of the tops I will take to Ethiopia.

So yea!

I've also been busy developing Excel spreadsheets for packing. I have a master packing list divided by person (Grace, Abigail, New Child), General (Snacks, Electronics, etc) and subdivided into categories (clothes, sanitary, fun stuff). I also have a "What to Pack Where" list to make sure that I have everything in the right place (and don't accidentally get stuck without my court papers if a bag is lost.) The lists are not complete, but the plan is to take the list with me when I travel so as to make return packing easier- to know how many of what I brought and need to re-pack, and to remember what needs to be in carry on and such.

Now, if I can just find a travel companion, I am good to go!


Ted and Lori said...

You know, I get just as excited about stuff like those wonderful capris as you do. How exciting to find something like this, just a little thing that makes life run smoother. It's so great how organized you are too. I wish I could be that travel buddy with you and Abigail!

chou-chou said...

Oh you sound so totally organized!! Any chance you'd be willing to share that excel spreadsheet? sounds like just the thing i need to get myself organized too...

graceling said...

Sure I'll share! I compiled the list looking at Mary Owlhaven and Erin at Transracial/Transcultural Adoption at plus my own few ideas:)

Dawn said...

I would love to see it as well weareadopting @ yahoo. There is a great Excel packing list here as well

Chris & Jess said...

Hi Grace,
I too would love to see "THE" list. As a first time mom, I would definitely appreciate your experience in "what to bring"! We were put on the wait list 1/4, so maybe we will travel together! :)