Thursday, January 17, 2008


After an upset in the Ethiopian courts where a family was denied their adoption and was told they could never adopt from Ethiopia because they did fundraising on their blog and because they posted pictures of their referred child(ren) on their blog, many bloggers in the Ethiopian adoption process are choosing to go private, at least for now.

I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs, and if you have chosen to go private, please let me know how I can continue reading!

I will keep my blog public- I don't intend to post pictures or give identifying info about my referred child once I receive a referral, so don't get your hopes up.

I hope no one else suffers because of this anti-blog mentality (and yes, Ethiopia has an anti-blog mentality. They don't even allow access to Blogger in Ethiopia because they want to control the media!) And more importantly, I hope that children are not forced to wait even longer for their forever family just because their family wants to share the joy.

This makes me sad.


Natalie Fournet said...

Made me sad to for that family. Guess we won't post pics either:( Hope you get a referral soon! Natalie

{B} said...

Hello! My mom sent me to your blog to read this you know where I can read more information about this sad situation?