Sunday, January 13, 2008

Now Accepting Applications....

Position: Travel Companion

Salary: None

Other Compensation: Being involved in tremendous amounts of love and life-change!

Start Date: Unknown

Requirements: Must be able to travel to Ethiopia with approximately 6 weeks notice. Must be able to help care for fun, lively, well-behaved 5 year old and assist with care of female child, 0-36 months. Must not be disgusted by my morning breath or explosive diapers. Coffee-lover with travel shots a plus.

To Apply: Leave a comment!

Seriously, I found out yesterday that my sister will be unable to travel to Ethiopia with me. So I am in need of a travel buddy. Hypothetically, I could go alone, but I really want to take Abigail with me, and I don't think it's realistic to do that without another adult. So, I am in need of travel companion. Any applicants?


Mamá to the best 2 said...

oh grace, i hope you are able to find the perfect travel companion!!

Sarah and Tim said...

I've been thinking about that lately, too. I've heard of some folks taking along a parent for support, which is such a good idea. I hope you find someone.