Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Duh + Eek!

Duh + Eek! = My I171H.

The Big Duh
My I-600A (application to USCIS for advanced processing of an orphan- basically, the application to bring my new child into the US) was the first document I filled out and filed relating to my adoption process. I filed it as soon as I knew which agency would be my placing agency. On December 28, I got a voicemail indicating that my application is complete and they want to process it, but I forgot to sign it!

I realized then how much this adoption process has affected me... I routinely check documents three times, have others check them for me, and I have even been known to tear open a sealed FedEx envelope to double-check that all the required papers are enclosed. So, how could I have forgotten to sign one of the most important papers in this process? Well, what can I say- I was a newbie!

The good news is that she just had me fill out another one and overnight it to her, so it should be processed/approved this week or next.

The Big EEK!
Um, Hello! I just found out that my I171H should be approved this week or next! My dossier might be in Ethiopia by the end of this month!!!

Anyway, that's the news from the homefront. Happy New Year to you all! May God bless you richly in the coming year!

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Eryka said...

Yay! for the happy news and I'm glad I got to talk to you for at least a little bit anyway!