Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Ramblings

Lest you think I have abandoned this blog, here is a little post.

Not much going on in adoption world. The wait for a referral continues, and I continue to add to my packing list (such as an adapter/converter, and for the ladies who need them, girly products) and record little ideas I have for traveling and such. The application review process continues. I stalk FedEx to see if my dossier has arrived in Ethiopia. I am trying to figure out what other documents I need before I can file my taxes, and how soon after filing I might receive my tax return.

Exciting Travel Purchase of the Week: Crystal Light Individual Water Flavor Packets- box of 10 packets for $0.99. This was a steal and I bought 10 boxes. Should be way more than enough.

I've also been contacted by a few of the agencies I have applied to for adoption funding- one grant agency and one adoption loan agency. We'll see how that goes.

So, this weekend, the adoption to-do list is:
~finish NCFA training
~finish Gladney training
~"interview" prospective traveling companion as schedule allows
~finish and copy "donations letter" to be distributed for parents/teachers at Abigail's school (to request additional donations for the orphanage, such as their new or gently used kids clothes and shoes.)
~buy a coffee grinder

Yes, a coffee grinder. I know you think this is not adoption-related, but IT IS!!!!! I intend to bring back yummy Ethiopian coffee when I travel, and I want to bring it whole-bean so that it will stay fresh longer. So I will need a coffee grinder. And since I am going to be getting a nice little store credit from Target, I might as well use it for this, right?

Also, completely unrelated to the rest of this post, I would like to say that I am really excited about the hand-me-downs that Abigail's little sister will get. Abigail's growing so fast, and she has so many cute clothes that she doesn't really wear a lot before she outgrows- it will be fun to see them on her little sister!

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