Thursday, May 29, 2008

"In the Window" Daily Routine

0500- Hit snooze button. Resume dreaming about referral.
0540- Stumble to coffee pot.
0541- Check email/blogs for any "overnight" announcements of referrals/court dates.
0600- Apply full face make-up, including waterproof mascara and lip gloss.
0615- Drink second cup of coffee. Consider how nervous will feel with any more caffeine on board. Seriously consider third cup. Decide not to have third cup of coffee as jittering in referral video would be concerning to others.
0630- Check work bag. Ensure tissues, camera (battery fully charged), cell phone (also fully charged) and lunch are ready to go. Double check chocolate/treat supply.
0640- Talk with Abigail about "sissy" on the way to school.
0700- Arrive at work. Remind secretary that today could be "The Day" and any incoming calls from outside lines should be screened: if it is from my agency, she is to overhead page "important personal call" so that I can drop everything and get to the phone.
0900- Note that Gladney is now open for normal business hours. Feel heart rate and blood pressure increase. Begin checking email/blogs every spare moment.
1400- Note that it is now "after lunch" at Gladney (I think most referral calls come after lunch.) Obsessively check caller ID on any call coming into my unit.
1600- Walk outside and check voicemail on my cell phone. Hurry back to the unit in case "someone" called while I was gone.
1800- Start to get sinking feeling in stomach. Remind myself that referral calls have come as late as 19:15 (7:15)pm EST.
1930- Leave work. Check voicemail again as I am leaving... still no call.
1940- Arrive at babysitter's house. Get my act together, and try to not look disappointed.
1942- Get hug from Abigail. Remember why I want another child.
2030- Put Abigail to bed. Bedtime prayers for her sister and for "The Judge" to tell us we can go get her sister.
2045- Resume blog stalking and obsessively checking email.
2200- Turn in for the night. Remind myself that tomorrow could be "The Day." Drift off to sleep, thinking of taking Abigail and Sparrow to the pool later this summer.


DC said...

I'm sorry today wasn't THE day. I hope your referral comes through tomorrow! I need to figure out how to use Google reader so I'll get an update as soon as you post the news.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hello! I would love to add you to my blogroll if that's OK with you.

Thanks also for the info re: Gladney. I keep hearing nothing but wonderful things about them, At this point, they seem to be the odds-on favorite. Oh, and I really want to meet the famous Belay! :)

Rebecca said...

Dang it! I keep waiting for good news. Yesterday I really spent the afternoon praying for you. I hope you're feeling the hugs from here!

Craig & Cindy said...

OMGoodness, how funny your day is! And yet, not funny. I mean your post is funny in a good clever way, not in a bad way. I am totally sending good thoughts your way...referral please come soon.


JK x2 said...

Wow - I understand, though not as a parent. Although our waiting was on the other side of the referral. Doesn't God's timing blow your mind? There is no good reason to us why He wouldn't put a little one into your loving home! But He sees a whole lot more than we do. [sigh] knowing that, not feeling it a lot, right?!