Friday, May 16, 2008

4 Months

4 Months waiting for my referral.

When I say "Lord, have mercy!" I don't mean that as a figure of speech. I'll be honest- I never thought that for the age range I am requesting, I would wait 17+ weeks. This has been a huge disappointment.

But I am keeping the faith; somewhere in a little home in Addis Ababa, in the distant and foreign land of Ethiopia, a world away from me , Gladney knows the name and story of my little girl, and they are so eagerly anticipating the moment that she gets a Momma, just as much as I anticipate the moment that I get a new little girl. And this is all in God's hands, the hands that hold the world, and that cradle my sweet Sparrow in my stead.


Anonymous said...

I do understand your pain. Sometimes it doesn't seem like life makes sense. But SOON (and I believe very soon) God will show you the reasons.


Faith said...

I have been there, uh, 6 times now... All I can say is that when you think you just can't bare it any longer remind yourself that your little girl just isn't ready yet. She may not be in the orphanage or ready to be referred and just a few more things need to be done before she is ready. God is using this time to make sure the perfect, most beautiful, perfect little girl will be with her perfect Mama and big sister.
Praying with you as you wait. I am SO glad I am not there right now! Does that make you feel better :)

the albertsons said...

Oh yes... this brings back memories. You know that your daughter exists... but you don't know why the referral hasn't come yet! So much will be revealed as to why you had to wait. For us, the 3 month abandonment period had to happen before we could know about Sam. So strange to know he had been matched with us for 3 whole months!!! But it is true... the timing will be perfect, even if we can't see it. Hang in there sweet mama!

VALARIE - Single, mother-to-be of two bright-eyed Ethio children. said...

Hang in there Grace. You are not alone. Did you notice I put of the YouTube video of Martha Munizzi's song, "I Know the Plans God Has for You"