Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tastes like Hand

We had our full anatomy ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks good. I really enjoyed seeing all the "finer" points of the anatomy... not just arms and legs, but kidneys, bladder, diaphragm, the chambers of the heart, the umbilicial cord, and the placenta to name a few:)

We could have found out gender several times now, but we are still waiting to be surprised. John thinks (hopes) it is a boy, but my gut is saying girl. Time will tell!

We got to see the baby yawning (apparently we are exhausting the little Nugget:) I was going to post a video of the Nugget trying to stuff his/her hand into her/his mouth, but I cannot get the video to upload anywhere (via blogger, youtube, onetruemedia, etc...) So here is a picture instead. The tech though the Nugget had John's profile.

Okay, here's another one. Because anatomy scans are fun! Right arm touching head (maybe the ear?)

Last one... Baby is face down and that is the Nugget's spine. Look at all those vertebrae!

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