Monday, June 21, 2010

Bumpdate 21 Weeks

I took the girls with me to my ultrasound last week. What fun:) I am not sure Anna connected the image on the machine screen to the baby in my belly, but Abigail loved it! The baby was quite clearly swallowing, which was interesting to watch on ultrasound, and the baby also gave a little wave. Both Abigail and Anna had fun touching the gel on my belly.

The cervix length is great, and the baby continues to look good. No chest pain, and just occasional shortness of breath. Nothing too exciting- just the way I like it!

We had our OB visit today, and spent about 15 minutes on the contraction monitor because I was having contractions about every 20 minutes at work. Seems that as soon as I put my feet up and relaxed, the contractions stopped:) Thatclearly means that I should put my feet up more often, right?

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