Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bump Check- 19 Weeks

The baby has been tending to stay on the right side of my abdomen. Abigail carried the same way, until I went to the chiropractor at 34 weeks and had my hip adjusted into the right place. Guess where I am headed tomorrow afternoon?

Anna spent some time with a precious baby this afternoon... something she doesn't often have a chance to do. The little cutie was 7 months old, and Anna was both fascinated and afraid. We had a lovely discussion about babies, and she decided we should have a baby like that. She then reassured me,"don't worry, Daddy doesn't eat babies." Anna enjoyed holding hands with the baby, once she was reassured that she is allowed to touch the baby. Well, she enjoyed it until the baby, who is in that put-everything-in-the-mouth stage tried to put Anna's had into her mouth to much on. That freaked Anna out a bit:)

Abigail also played with the baby this afternoon, and I know she is going to rock as a big sister. She is so attentive, kind and patient. As a matter of fact, the other day she was complaining about being a big sister. "Sometimes I am doing something and Anna tells me to stop, even though I want to keep playing." We let her know that she can use a bit of her big sister power to say NO to the little sister... but it's just not in her nature. She loves to make her little sissy happy:) She's such a sweet girl.

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