Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bumpdate 22 Weeks

In the words of my sister... "Yowsa! Where'd that come from?"

I could definitely feel that I was getting bigger this week- lots of back and hip pain, and the sensation of my skin stretching to accommodate the bump. It didn't help that this week my rump also decided it was carrying a baby. Now none of my scrub pants fit- not because they won't cover my bump (I wear them below the belly) but because I can't get them up over my butt!

We had good news and not-so-good news at the doctor yesterday.

The good: baby looks great, heart rate is great, and all my amniotic fluid is still right where it should be:)

The not so good news: my cervix is measuring short. 2.3cm to be exact. This is continuing a downward trend, and places my cervical length firmly in the "borderline" category. If it gets shorter or possibly even if it stays the same, I am looking at bed rest. If it gets really shorter, I will probably be on bed rest in the hospital. I guess there is a possibility that it could lengthen, but that would be unusual, especially since I am getting bigger and still having contractions on and off.

Our summer vacation plans are on hold for the time being. Even if I'm not on bed rest, we still don't know if it will be a good time to be so far away from our doctors and care team, because these things can change quickly. It is almost certainly not a good time to be away for a few weeks at a time, since my weekly monitoring would be fairly difficult to do with me in another state. So, we have to wait and see what the measurements are next week. :(

I am a little sad, a little bummed, and a whole lot grateful that we have the technology to prevent a devastating outcome.

The baby is getting a little cramped. Nugget has a hand near the mouth and another bent up to the ear or above the head, and knees bent up nearly in the fetal position.

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