Friday, July 18, 2008


I wanted to thank everyone for the congratulations and well-wishes. What an eventful week this has been- from waiting for a referral to having a court date!

Now, more than ever before, my heart aches for the people of Ethiopia. There are many who are forced to relinquish their child because they have no way of providing them with food. I could never imagine that situation happening in America, and yet, it's common in Ethiopia.

I would still like to reach my goal of $300 for food aid in Ethiopia. If you have not yet, could you consider donating? Every dollar helps meet that goal! Feel free to leave more comments on that post, too:)

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The Albertsons said...

Okay I'm SO BUMMED that I missed the court date announcement by a whole day!!! Congrats on a QUICK DATE!!! woohoo!