Thursday, July 17, 2008

Belly Button

Grace: John, she is just so tiny! Like, tiny! I just can't even remember Abigail being that little!

John: You know, I think Sparrow is really going to become very familiar with Abigail's... belly button.

And probably with my knee, from my best calculations:)

Abigail's big-girl sitter has a little boy who is just a little younger than Sparrow. He is about 20 pounds and 30" tall, making him a bit bigger than my girl. I held him the other day, and was amazed at how small he felt in my arms (but then, anything feels small in my arms compared to Abigail!) I am thankful to his mommy who is telling me all of his clothing, diaper, and shoe sizes to help me prepare!

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Libby Rohde Karch said...

Oh Grace- We are so happy for you! Sparrow is beautiful-