Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reason #18- Sisters, Revisited

Abigail has two identical pink poodle Webkinz. Except one had the seam on it's belly split open. So we asked Doctor John's mom, Elaine, if she could transform into a stuffed animal veterinarian and perform some surgery on the poor puppy, which she agreed to do.

Abigail: When my pink poodle gets fixed, I will have two pink poodles!

Me: Or, one for you and one for your sister!

Abigail: (pause) Um, well she can have that broken one.

All of the adults in the room broke into hysterical giggles. Oh, how true it is! Older sisters always have it figured out, and always know how to work it to their advantage (this coming from the younger sister.)

But there is just something so special about having a sister. Something that can't be put into words, but is known, is felt, is celebrated by everyone who has had a sister.

And what a gift for Abigail.

Sisters: Grace and Faith, 2006

(How do you like my sunburn?)


Teresa said...

Such a great story!

I love that your sister's name is Faith. Grace and Faith sound so great together.

I'm getting so excited that your court day is near. Sending up prayers for ya girl!

Blog Shmog said...

Sisters are wonderful. I never personally got to experience it but I love seeing the sisterly love between my girls!

sparkz said...

I'm so sorry! My sunburn is mostly gone now! If it hurts too bad they have a great spray! It did miracles for me!

Gotta love sisters!

Chris and Jess said...

Aw- you two are so darn cute! Love it. Being the older sister to two MUCH younger sisters, you better believe I would have had the neat, unbroken pink poodle. That's just how older sisters roll!

coffeemom said...

I am the younger sister, of just us two. And yup, I'd get the broken poodle's how the sister things works. ANd somehow, that's ok. She is still one of the most important people in my life, it's a phenomenal bond. Despite all the ups and downs, it's amazing. Great pic!