Monday, July 28, 2008

Dream-Related Freak Out

I had this dream that my court date was this Tuesday, not next Tuesday. I was kind of freaked out but strangely calm at the same time.

This definitely reinforced my decision to commit to doing "things" but not working on anything of importance on August 5. I am off work, and I hope to be far enough ahead in my school work to be able to take the whole day off from that as well.

Good tasks for the court date include:
~ folding socks
~ cleaning the litter box
~ dropping off items at Goodwill
~ walking Abigail to and from summer camp
~ vacuuming out the inside and washing the outside of my car

Why these tasks? Mainly, they are time consuming but don't have to be done perfectly. They are things that will occupy my hands without necessarily occupying my mind.

Any other ideas for court-date activities?

(And for the curious, like my sister, I like to schedule my posts to publish at the same time each day, unless it is an urgent/publish immediately thing. It is presently 12:32am on Monday morning and I am supposed to be finishing a paper on Emotional Intelligence, but I am blogging instead. Rather than having people know the insane frequency with which I blog when I should be working/sleeping/doing schoolwork, I just set them all to publish at 5am.)


Faith said...

And I thought you get up freakishly early to check blogs and post!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! our court date is Wednesday - and it is all I can think about! The hard part is that most likely the decision is being made while we are sleeping and so we are just waiting to hear - I'll have a hard time not driving my agency crazy checking if they know yet!


Jennifer and Jody said...

Trust me, don't try to accomplish anything important. I am at work for court date part deux and I can't get a thing done. Crazy.

Ted and Lori said...

Before the first court date, I did little but get ready, plus it was during the holiday season, so we had all that going. While waiting those long two months for the second court date, I watched tons and tons and tons of movies in our basement while it constantly rained (Jan-Feb in Portland is like that).

Amber said...

I can't believe you got a court date in Aug. That is awesome! wHEN ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO CLOSE?