Sunday, July 20, 2008

Help Wanted: Travel Tips

My sister had a good suggestion, and I am going to try to do my best to design the thing that she suggested... Stick with me!

Many of you have traveled... to Ethiopia, to pick up a child, or to a undeveloped nation. You all know more about these subjects than I do... more than most adoptive parents do. I will tell you that honestly, I have never traveled outside the US and Canada, and I have never been anywhere like Ethiopia in my travels.

But you have! You also have had the experience of meeting and beginning the bonding process in a foreign country. You've traveled with children of all ages, in extended family groups, and by yourself. You've stayed at fancy hotels and small inns far off the beaten path.

You know things.... you know things that I want to know. You know things that lots of adoptive parents want to know, to help them prepare for traveling to Ethiopia. Many of you have posted about them on your own blogs. This information, tricks, and tips is invaluable... but only if the adoptive parent can locate it!

I would like to create some kind of central registry for travel hints and tips. I imagine it will be something like the other list I made, except specific to travel. I am thinking it would include pages like "Airlines, Airfare, and Travel Agencies," "Where to Stay," "Where to Eat," "What to Do," "Avoiding Illness and other Health Concerns" (travel shots/meds included here), "Hints, Tips, and Tricks," "Packing List" and maybe some other categories. On each of these pages, I would link to posts that you have written about that category (if you wrote about meds and your guest house in the same post, it could be linked under both categories) and maybe include a column for "key words" so that a brief glance could tell the viewer what to expect in the post. Even if you aren't with Gladney, you probably have a lot of good advice about many of these categories, and I would love to hear it!

What do you think? Can you help me out? I would go and do the "legwork" for this myself, except that I am a tad bit busy right now trying to finish school before my court date (as I am fairly certian my brain will instantly turn to mush once I have to plan my travel:) So, please leave a comment linking to some of your favorite posts (from your own blog or a favorite blogger's blog) that can help us out!

If you would rather email me, feel free (address in sidebar on right) or just leave a comment with the link. I will put something together soon, and see if we can't make a great resource for those who are yet to travel (yes, like ME!)


coffeemom said...

Great idea Grace! As usual. And your lists are the best resource on the web for this stuff! We have travel tips in different posts, I'll link em if you want them, or break them into new, shorter bits if you prefer?? It'll take some digging as I type like I talk...long and full. But maybe others will link so many you'll get more than enough!

I only wish I had had this before I traveled, so good luck with this one!

The Albertsons said...

This is a wonderful idea! I'll email you later today... I'm totally retarded when it comes to anything with the computer, so once Zach can help me, I'll link you to my posts about what I packed... that will be my most helpful contribution, I think... anyway, good thought!

PrincessBrideJo said...

I read this site and she has a wonderful packing list and a few other tid bits. If you go to the side of her page she had all her adoption posts links so you can find what you need!

Lori S said...

This is such a great idea!! I'll be watching so I can take advantage of everyone's great ideas and your hard work!!

Natalie Fournet said...

What a great idea...your lists are so valuable and sooo appreciated. We obviously have not traveled but would love to learn from others:) The Lydicks have some great advice on their blog

Also, I sent something in the snail mail to you....I am now wondering if this address listed on your blog is a current one??? Nothing big, just something that made me think of your blog and journey:)

VALARIE said...

Grace, funny I am working on the exact same thing.

haze said...

Great idea!