Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little Dictionary

Can I just brag on Abigail a little bit?

Yesterday, during our home study, Megan asked Abigail what adoption meant, and Abigail said, "adoption is when the baby is in a momma's tummy, but when the baby is born, the momma can't take care of her or buy her food or clothes. So the momma gives the baby to a new family. And God makes them a family and they love each other forever."

And then she went on to explain that since we are adopting a child she gets a new dresser and will get bunkbeds.

I just thought that was so sweet!

Also, relatedly, at school, Abigail's teacher has been doing "meditation." When the kids get worked up, she sends them to a quiet place and they sit there and "get rid of their negative energy" and "think about happy things to get some positive energy." Kind of new age, I know. So I told Abigail that when she was getting rid of all her negative energy, she can focus on how much God loves her and how much her family loves her to help her get "positive energy." And she can pray that God will help her have a good attitude.

So, the other day she was talking about how her friend hurt her feelings, so she had to go to the quiet place and "get rid of her negative energy." And I asked her what she was thinking about to get "positive energy."

And she said "my new shiny dresser."


Mamá to the best 2 said...

way too cute!! she is so smart!

Leslie said...

What a smart and sweet girl. :)

Eryka said...

Abigail follows you with the smartness! And way to turn the new agey stuff into a Jesus thing. I loved it!