Thursday, November 29, 2007

Coincidence? I think not!

You know, not 2 hours after posting this, I got a phone call from the state of Illinois. They insisted they could not authenticate my divorce decree since it had not been certified by the circuit court county clerk.

Oh, but it had! I knew exactly where to tell them to look.

This was obviously divine intervention because:
1) On caller ID, it showed up as "No Name." I don't normally answer calls from strangers, so it must have been God that directed me to pick up.
2) I was off work today, and was randomly available to take the call at a time when I am not normally available, even on days I'm not working!
3) I remembered exactly what page to look on and what to look for to prove the certification of the divorce decree. How often can you say that? I can barely remember what page I am on in my current book!
4) Since when does a state worker call to let you know they are very sorry but they will be unable to assist you? That never happens! And not only was this lady so kind as to call, she actually thanked me for explaining what she was overlooking!
5) She gave me a little blessing by saying it would go out FedEx tomorrow:) Yea!

Anyway, so there is another little thing:)